We are the ultimate source of new concepts in the field of footwear manufacturing, where style matches quality and comfort. We have got a product range, comprising of footwear that fits your style as well as your feet. All our products are competent with your quality needs and at your economic reach. Our products are available for gents, ladies & children.

1. Our products have a stamp of quality and reputation marked on each piece of product we manufacture. The sole and insole of our footwear products are made of high quality EVA POLYMER blended with natural rubber and natural fillers. This in turn gives a high level of walking comfort and cushioning effect for all seasons. Our products are highly durable and always in your economic reach. As they are recyclable they are also free from any environmental pollution hazards.

2. We also manufacture :
                                              High quality EVA foam interlocking floor tiles with attractive colours.
                                              High quality door mats and coir mats.

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